I like to get dirty, scrounge around, dig, prune, and transplant. I love the smell of fertile earth, jasmine, and magic markers.

My paper collages are letter sized made from newsprint publications from the 20’s and 30’s along with pencil, and ink. I like the 3-dimensional complexity of composing a garden, a flower arrangement, and the layering of abstract forms. 

I remember my father laboring in his greenhouse filled with red geraniums. I imagine my mother longing for an earlier life painting weathered barns and landscapes.

Decorative patterns, fanciful flowers, and the tradition of needle work and lace captivate me.

I want my work to have a sense of ambiguity and joyful play, where fragmented images twist through space slowly revealing themselves.

I like to cut, recombine, and compose watching the past blossom with renewed potential.